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Visits are covered for patients with a valid Canadian Provincial/Territorial Health Card

Access to Quality Healthcare

Our team of nurses and doctors believe that all Canadians should have access to quality healthcare no matter where they live.

That’s why we have been a leading provider of primary care in small communities throughout Ontario since 2015. Using innovative technology, our local nurses assist patients to connect with licensed medical doctors.

We also understand that convenience and choice are important to patients so we have introduced a new app so that patients can connect from their home.

Our Clinics

Sometimes you just need to be seen in person. We have local clinics where patients are assisted and assessed by a nurse in person and connected to a doctor.

Telephone & Video

For your convenience, our doctors and nurses are available via telephone and video consultations using our app or with one of our local pharmacy partners.

First Nations

We partner with local communities to deliver healthcare services to community members, by community members.