Most frequent questions and answers

Good Doctors is a telemedicine clinic and does not sign up patients like a regular family doctor. But we understand that finding a new family doctor can be difficult so we do offer services to help while you are looking to find a more permanent family doctor. We can help  manage chronic conditions, order tests and refer you to a medical specialist if needed. We also offer the ability to book an appointment with the same doctor so that you are being cared for by the same physician.

Yes! You will need to book a consultation at a clinic with one of our doctors. Appointments can be booked at this link https://gooddoctors.ca. Patient visits are covered with a valid OHIP card. 

We are a virtual telemedicine clinic.  Our clinics have a nurse or clinical assistant on-site to perform physical assessments, and connect patients through secured video conference, to a licensed Ontario physician. Physicians are not physically onsite for assessments.

We provide treatment for acute medical concerns such as, infections, prescription refills, assessments, referrals, diagnostic testing and much more.  Patient visits are covered with a valid OHIP card. 

Examples of services we offer:

Prescription Renewals/Refills (NOTE: We do not prescribe/refill narcotics or controlled substances.) 

Specialist Referrals


Doctor’s/Sick Notes


Driver’s Medical Exams


Lab and Diagnostic Requisitions


Sexual Health Testing and Contraception


Physiotherapy Requests


Simple Procedures (Stitch and staple removal)

Patients are responsible for following up with the doctor for all test results, but we will make every effort to contact you if your results are abnormal. Please book a follow up appointment with your doctor.