Our Mission


We have a clear goal, and that’s to deliver healthcare to Canadians no matter where they live. We are trying to solve the problem that occurs when there’s just not enough family doctors to go around. Small communities across Canada have been dealing with a chronic shortage of primary care providers for years.

We also know that the solution isn’t the local hospital emergency department where the wait times can sometimes be hours on end. Sometimes you or your family member need to be seen for a non-urgent reason but you know it can turn into something more serious. The emergency department just isn’t the right place for that kind of care.

That’s why we started Good Doctors. We want you to have a primary care provider that doesn’t involve waiting for hours on end in an emergency department. We want you and your family to be able to get the care you need without having to choose between whether to take a day off work to sit in the emergency department or suffer through whatever health issue you might have.

That’s why we are here in local communities in Canada.

We are here for you.